Dibao small power transformer/Voltage Transformer--Mini-Potiential

Small Power Transformer/Voltage Transformer--Mini-Potiential 

      Dibao small power toroidal transformer is a new product of our Dibao Electronics.Now rated output power of our small toroidal transformer is from 4VA to 25VA.Its mainly advantage is:low cubage,light weight,low leakage,low noise,high efficiency,with round section area,and so on.Our product function and index sign is according to the requirement of GB13028-91,being applicable to kinds of Frequency,Video Frequency. 

 Its core selects a steel tape following mindset direction with auto Book Iron Machine to consecutively involuted to make, and use high vacuum to back fire in high vacuum,or consecutively back fire in tunnel stove;Immerse a paint and bake in vacuum,the advanced craft can adequately use the steel slice direction,compared to fold a slice of tap,the exciting power,core and copper lose will let up 25%,so it has some advantages as following:
1)      Electric efficiency, high core,no spirit,fold to pack coefficient can get 95% above, the core rate of magnetism lead can get  1.5-1.8T(the core of folding a slice of type can only get 1.2-1.4T),electric efficiency can get 95% above,no-load current can be 10% of the folding a slice of type.
2)      Its dimension is small,light weight toroidal transformer is half lighter than the weight of the folding a slice of type transformer.If it maintains the equality of the core cut area,the toroidal transformer will easily change the comparison of the core length,width,height,we can design according to the customer’s requirement.
3)      The magnestism of interference is small,the core of toroidal transformer has no spirit,the rounding set evenly round on the toroidal core,the structure can make low leakage,small electric magnetism radiation.Meanwhile,it needn’t increase the shield and use on the high intelligent degree of the electronic equipment,for example,it uses on the lowly even enlarger or medical equipment.
4)      The vibrating noise is lower and the core is no spirit,which can reduce the core response and vibrating noise.The rounding set evenly and tightly round the toroidal core,availably reduce the “Weng weng”noise.
5)      The circulating temperature is low because we can make the iron lose on 1.1W/kg,the iron lose and the core temperature are low,the spreading heat circumstance can be well on the lower temperature core,so the transformer temperature rise will be low.
It can be easily installed with one pole in the center,which is specially installed and unloaded in the electric equipment.

This is one voltage transformer of our Small Power Transformer.Besides,we have 4VA Toroidal Power Transformer,5VA Toroidal Power Transformer,8VA Toroidal Transformer.

Attention:Because the importation and manifestations contain error margin,all the pictures of transformer,the true circumstance of all transformer pictures takes real object or sample products as to allow.
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