Voltage Transformer--O-Core Power

Dibao Voltage Transformer-O Core Power
Dibao Voltage Transformer-O Core Power, product specifications: from 10VA to1000VA power.
O-Core  Power Transformer specifications:
*Without fracture;
*With round section area;
*Flat rotundity, shorter height, longer diameter.

Compare to Voltage Transformer-Toroidal Power :

a. Saving 11.4%--30% medial winding length;
b.With .round section area, magnetic field is evener, less magnetic loss.
Compare to Voltage Transformer--R-Core Power:
a.with no frame astriction;
b.better electromagnetism coupling and higher efficiency.
Size Of Form And Stallation:
Model Capacity
H(mm) D(mm) Weight
PO-10 10 21 66 0.4 Φ6.5 M6
PO-20 20 24 78 0.55 Φ6.5 M6
PO-30 30 25 80 0.7 Φ6.5 M6
PO-40 40 27 85 0.85 Φ6.5 M6
PO-50 50 30 94 1 Φ6.5 M6
PO-80 80 32 100 1.3 Φ8.5 M8
PO-100 100 35 106 1.5 Φ8.5 M8
PO-120 120 36 113 1.95 Φ8.5 M8
PO-150 150 38 117 2.3 Φ8.5 M8
PO-200 200 42 125 3 Φ8.5 M8
PO-250 250 44 132 3.2 Φ8.5 M8
PO-300 300 45 135 3.6 Φ8.5 M8
PO-400 400 50 148 4 Φ8.5 M8
PO-500 500 57 158 4.7 Φ8.5 M8
PO-600 600 59 162 5.8 Φ8.5 M8
PO-800 800 60 174 7.5 Φ8.5 M8
PO-1000 1000 65 185 9 Φ8.5 M8


Attention:O-Core Transformer is a standard specification of my plant, if you have other specifications to request ,please to contact us.

This is one power  transformer of our Voltage Transformer--O-Core Power.Besides,we have R-core Transformer,12V/80A Toroidal Power Transformer,Toroidal Lighting Transformer,C-core Transformer,Toroidal Power Transformer.

Attention:Because the importation and manifestations contain error margin,all the pictures of transformer,the true circumstance of all transformer pictures takes real object or sample products as to allow.
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